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  • L’éclos de beauté au complexe A2OC* Bourgogne View larger

    Anti-aging Cream

    Exclusive A2OC*Pinot Noir complex

    *AntiOxidant Original Complex created from organic pinot noir marc and organic blackcurrant extract

    The ideal cream from age 45. Fights all visible signs of aging and reactivates the skin’s youthful beauty.


    • Jar 50 ml


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    • At the heart of our Pinot Noir cosmetics,the A2OC* complex (“Racine du Temps” Pinot Noir Vintage combined with a remarkable Burgundy Blackcurrant buds extract).

      The A2OC* Complex encourages skin oxygenation, optimises cellular renewal and helps protect cells from aggressors and the appearance of premature signs of ageing, working to “awaken” the skin’s vital functions in order to boost its youthful beauty and radiance.

      Oligosaccharides and a telomerase-like extract derived from a Chinese plant help retexturise and smooth the skin, which appears firmer.

      This cream contains wheat bran extract, derived from arabinose, a brightening ingredient that encourages a more even-looking, luminous complexion. It also helps prevent the appearance of dark spots.

      High and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids work on skin hydration and tonicity.

      0% parabens, 0% phenoxyethanol and 0% colouring agents.

      Effective on wrinkles, firmness and radiance

      The skin feels firmer and wrinkles appear diminished

      • FIRMING EFFECT: 95%*

      The skin looks more luminous and reveals new radiance day after day***

      • RADIANT SKIN: 100%
      • EVEN COMPLEXION: 90%

      * In-vivo test, % satisfaction. Effect observed after 28 days via biometrological evaluation of the firming effectiveness.

      **In-vivo test, % satisfaction. Effect observed after 28 days via the measurement of skin profile parameters on the crow’s feet.

      ***In-vivo test, % satisfaction. A significant improvement of skin radiance and uniformity of the complexion, by clinical scores.

      For all skin types losing tone and radiance, with the onset of wrinkles.

      Apply morning and night for optimum results. Recommended at night after the Sève précieuse d’éclat serum for lacklustre skin.

      This comfortable cream wraps the skin in its round, sensuous notes of red berries.


    This ultra-comfortable cream virtually melts on the skin, wrapping it in softness.

    You'll notice immediate softness upon first application and after 1 - 2 weeks of continued use, hydrated, radiant skin.



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